The company

Betrex España S.A. was born in 1990. Being so in 1999, one of the first transport Companys to obtain the certification ISO-9001 Bureau Veritas Quality. As the dates indicate, we have great experience in transport with fridge trucks, box trucks and tautliners. We load all kinds of goods. Ranging from frozen, fresh with controlled temperature, chilled, airport, ADR, packages in bulk, industry, textile up to whatever the client demands.


Our fleet operates in France, Belgium, Netherlands and England mainly. We are in constant search of full and part loads from and to Spain, South of France and Portugal.


Betrex is a logistics Company aimed to provide personalized solutions for road transport in Europe. With these, we manage to meet the client’s needs helping them accomplish their goals

Consolidate ourselves as a leading European logistics operator, ensuring that our image in the client's mind is the one of commitment and personalization of our services.

- Compromise:  Our words always become acts, therefore, complying with what is agreed with our clients becomes our duty, above anything else.
- Personalization: The service we offer is as diverse as needs may exist, therefore, we adapt to the characteristics of each company that requests our services.
- Closeness:  Our human team is usually native to the areas with which it works, this allows communication with clients to be fluent, both in language and in understanding their needs.
- Teamwork: The different departments that make our company collaborate with each other so that work is fluid and efficient. In addition, this implies that better ideas are generated, therefore, an optimal service.

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